Some Links for you to Peruse
Computer/ Music/ Colleges/ Cars and Trucks/ Miscellaneous/ Friends On The Web
Computer Related Links
International Buisness Machines The IBM Home Page (OS/2, PowerPC, 6x86, RS6000, AIX, etc...) 
Intel Intel Corp
AMD AMD Processors. I currently have a system that is based around an AMD Athlon 1.2 Ghz with DDR Memory
Sun Script The Home of TCL/TK and JAVA. 
Raytheon Company Raytheon Company
Nvidia Nvidia Corp, Home of the GeForce Graphics card
Music Links
MENC Music Educators National Conference Website 
Boston Univeristy Boston University's Musical Schedule 
Classical Music Events A schedule of classical music events in the Boston area. 
Harmony Central The Online Guitar Archive 
Fender Guitars The Fender Home Page, Guitars, Acessories and more. 
School Related Links
Potsdam College, SUNY Potsdam College, where Katherine and I both received our bachelor degrees. Situated and cold and desolate upstate New York. Potsdam College is also Home to the Crane School of Music from which Katherine received her degree. 
Boston University Metropolitan College Boston University Metropolitan College is geared towards the working population. I am going to be attending classes this spring in my effort to obtain a MS in CS. 
Car/Truck Related Links
Ford The Ford Homepage. I drive nothing but cars on this page. No jokes from you Chevy/Dodge guys out there. 
Edmunds New and Used car prices and reviews. Dealer Invoice prices, Dealer Holdback Info, etc. 
Motor Trend Online My Favorite Car Magazine. 
Misc Links
Dilbert Homepage The Offical Dilbert Homepage 
The Monster Board  The Monster Board. A great place to find you next career. 
Digital's Alta Vista Digital Equipment Corperation's ALTAVISTA, The World's Largest Web Search Engine 
Intellicast Weather Boston Weather via Intellicast 
Yahoo  How you can have a web page with out the guys who started the internet indexing business 
My Yahoo
I've grown to really like this feature in Yahoo.  It was a great way to stay in touch with events in the states while I was overseas.
Think Big The Casual Male Homepage (Big and Tall Clothing Store, I [Brian] am 6'6") 
Boston Transit Authority Train, Bus, Subway and T schedules. Maps and more.... 
Northwest Airlines I've traveled with these guys quite a bit, and have been happy with the service. 
Friends on the Web
Scott Tringali Ex Co-Worker from Raytheon, Jazz Addict. 
Bill Minckler Ex Co-Worker from Raytheon